Willoughby Pulp: Proud to be a part of the Health and Wellness Movement!

Michael McLaughlin and his team are excited to be part of Live Well Willoughby’s inaugural year.  For those that have never tried Pulp, we asked Mike to give us a little insight into what Pulp provides to the health and wellness community.  From Mike himself:

Willoughby Pulp is proud to be part of this initiative.

Since starting almost 14 years ago, Pulp’s goal was to bring a delicious, nutritious alternative to fast food for people on the go.

Not only do we provide more than 40 real fruit-juice smoothies, including Veggie n’ Greens smoothies, we also serve a variety of phenomenal tasting wraps and bowls. Our Acai Bowl features – you guessed it – Acai. Known for promoting heart and skin health, it also aids in weight loss and is known as an immune booster.

For the adventurous, we offer wheatgrass shots. Wheatgrass juice is potent, raw, living food. A one-ounce shot is equivalent to two and a half pounds of green, leafy vegetables. Not only this, wheatgrass is mineral-rich and contains 92 minerals needed by your body.

If you’re interested in our fresh juices, we have a variety to choose from: orange, apple, carrot, carrot-celery, apple-carrot-celery, ginger, beet, and more.

As far as our location goes, we welcome you with open arms. Our Willoughby store was the first of a new design for Pulp; instead of grab-and-go, we want you to stay for a while (and you can tell by our layout). Sit with us at our custom-built smoothie bar or relax in our recliner; either way, we want you to get comfortable.

It’s time to Live Well in Willoughby, and Willoughby Pulp – located on Robinhood Dr. – is here to help you start and continue this incredible journey to a better you.

Willoughby Pulp is doing their best to help further the initiative to us living healthier and happier lives.  Next time you are looking for a meal or snack on the go, stop by, grab a smoothie, and say Hello to Mike and his team.